The Church Security Alliance was founded by Glen Evans and Jack Justice of Dayton, OH.

Glen Evans is a fifteen year law enforcement officer. Additionally, he is a public safety officer, meaning he is responsible for policing, firefighting, and EMS duties within his organization. Five years ago, Glen began a safety consulting business providing training to corporations, private groups, and churches. He also developed a personal safety seminar for women and children respectively called ASSERT.

Disturbed by the increasing trend in church violence, and receiving requests for information, Glen and Jack decided to create an online community where anyone interested could have affordable access to law enforcement level training.

In addition to running his own company, Glen provides defensive tactics training to police officers and security agents, and provides firearms training to SWAT officers on his team.

Jack Justice

Jack has served as a security director for a large teen outreach program as well as two large suburban churches over the past 10 years. Jack’s background includes over eight years in law enforcement in uniform patrol, detective division, vice/narcotics divisions. Jack is a graduate of the Ohio Police Officers Training Acadamy. Jack’s involvement in tactical training in the firearms arena and his law enforcement background has provided a strong skill set for his entry into faith based security.

Jack has assisted in the start up of many church security teams over the past five years and these efforts were part of the motivation for starting this site as a means of providing information to more area churches on starting and training their church security teams. After the latest incident, the value of the church security teams became highly evident.

Jack’s current responsibilities includes supervision of church security operations, recruitment, child security issues, and major event planning.

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