Armed Camo Clad Man Enters Church On Mission To Slay Infidels

Bullard, TX – An armed camo clad man identified as Rasheed Abdul Aziz entered the Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Bullard, Texas Sunday afternoon through an unlocked side door leading to a conference room occupied by Pastor John Johnson and members of the church.

What Pastor Johnson saw was an angry distressed man wearing camoflauge pants, tactical vest, ballistic helmet and armed with a 9 mm saying he had been sanctioned by Allah to slay infidels.  According to Pastor Johnson, he said, “People are going to die today.”

Johnson said, “Every hair on my neck just stood up. It was almost like you could just like feel the presence of just negative energy.”

Johnson reportedly placed himself between the suspect and the door where other church members were.

During the five minute conversation, Pastor Johnson spoke to Aziz in an attempt to calm him down.  He offered to pray for him and to get him a cold drink. While leaving the room, he alerted his wife and church member of the threat and told them they needed to leave the church with the children.

Pastor Johnson related that he believed if Aziz had been met with aggression, the whole incident would have ended in violence.

According to news reports, a church member had called 911 and when Johnson left the room, everyone who was in the church, left the church out another exit.

Police found the suspect a while later wandering in a neighboring subdivision still wearing the ballistic vest and helmet and armed with this pistol.  He was arrested for making threats against the church and possessing weapons under disability, which means Aziz had a prior felony record and he was not permitted to possess weapons.

It should be noted that Pastor Johnson has developed skills in verbal communications he uses in his other occupations.

Besides being the pastor of Corinth Missionary Baptist, Johnson works full-time with troubled youth as a student services intervention specialist at a nearby school. He’s also a former parole officer and has been trained in crisis prevention, verbal de-escalation and working with mentally ill offenders.

On Monday morning, a note was found on the church premises that read,

“My name is Rasheed Abdul Aziz. You helped me at a time of need. This house is blessed by God & all faiths. Muslim, Jew & the Christian shall all gather here in Peace and Justice for God as a whole for the betterment of mankind as a whole. I thank you.”

Pastor Johnson noted this was in complete opposition to what had been his demeanor was upon initial contact.  He believes Aziz was working himself up into anger and his attempt to de-escalate the suspect calmed him for a few moments. The church will be reviewing security protocols and improving security.

Training Notes:

Perform Perimeter Checks – Before the beginning of the worship service and afterward, it is a good idea to check the outside perimeter of the church for secure doors and anything out of the ordinary. In one case, security found doors that had been chained and padlocked to prevent people from getting out.  Keep an eye out for doors that should be locked, suspicious packages and suspicious people.

Controlled Access Points – Train your church members to go in and out specific doors and leave side access points secured at all times and reserved for fire or emergency escape points.

Verbal De-Escalation Techniques – We do not know if this man is a practicing Muslim, a fanatic, or mentally ill.  From the cues in the story, it would appear this man had mental problems.  If he was a terrorist, I don’t believe he would have announced his intentions and allowed himself to be talked down.  Understanding how to read agitated people and how to speak to them was the key to everyone surviving this incident.


Armed Security On Premises – Determine what you would do in a situation like this. While I applaud the pastor’s ability to verbally de-escalate, what would you have done if you were armed and in the room when he entered?  Would you have allowed the pastor to dictate the pace of the conflict or would you have immediately reacted and used a firearm to defend yourself and your church members from serious injury or death?

What if everyone was able to exit the church safely and the suspect was contained in one room?  What would your response be then?

Did Aziz have the means, ability, and intention to commit a deadly violent act?  He was armed, was wearing military gear, and stated his intention to was to kill Christians and Jews. Did he have to begin shooting for you to intervene? It is important for you to know your state’s self defense statutes and the elements necessary to employ deadly force.

If Armed, Have You Trained For Body Armor? 

Aziz was wearing a tactical vest and a tactical helmet.  Most failure drills focus on two shots to the body and one to the head. Use your range time to practice shooting at small objects on your target from close distances. The appropriate shot placement to immediately stop his aggression would have been between the eyes at the top of the bridge of the nose.  Can you make that shot from 10 to 20 feet away.


Here is a more in depth video from KLTV:

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