Church Data Security for Today’s Church

Why Does Your Church Need Data Security?

Cyber Security CoverChurch data is an often overlooked aspect of overall church security. Scams, phishing, hacking, and viruses can crash your church computer systems.

Has your church looked at the way you present yourself to the world lately? Are you following God’s plan? Or are you joining in with the world in presenting yourself to the world?

Are your pastor and staff safe from threats from the cyber world?
Like physical security, cyber security is no less a liability to have a plan for. Failing to have this plan can and will affect you in many ways. From cyber terrorism (this includes child hunting by pedophiles),  to  spamming and denial of service, the threat is real and your church needs to make sure that you have a plan in place and someone willing to step up and take on the responsibility of protecting the church’s cyber space.

With this information you are on the way to starting that process. From containing viruses and worms, to handling phishing expeditions, to protecting the pastor and staff, this manual will guide you through some proven professional steps to help guard against that threat.
So what are you waiting for, get started and protect the cyber flock now!

About the Author T.G. Sampson

In early 2009, I had received a number of phone calls and emails requesting information and resources on securing the church website, emails and networks. While there are a number of resources for this information, I wanted to publish a manual written by a Christian author for Christian churches. With this in mind, I went to a close friend who is very strong in the Christian faith, and who is also charged with maintaining primary web interfaces and security for one of the nation’s largest military schools and base. In addition he has had experience as a solution provider with a world leader in IT Solutions, EDS.

Terry has been involved in the world of computers and IT for 15 plus years. While having breakfast at a small group meeting, I mentioned the need to increase security on church websites. Terry immediately volunteered his help in putting together a basic manual that can be used by all churches in understanding and implementing protective measures. This manual is written in an easy to read style and will not overwhelm you in technical jargon.

If you have a church computer network interfaced to the internet, have a website for the public to view, or wish to maintain accountability for the subject matter viewed on the church computers, I highly recommend Terry’s manual.

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