“Security Guard” Steals $145,000 Sunday Offering

Lincoln, Nebraska-Police are looking for a brazen thief who went to Lincoln’s Berean Church dressed as an armored service guard — and walked away with nearly $145,000. A man who appeared to be a guard with an armored car service walked into the church’s financial office Tuesday morning and told a woman he was there to pick up the deposit. When the church employee mentioned he was early, he gave a plausible excuse of why he was there.

The thief’s take was just shy of $145,000 in cash and checks. The thief was wearing a dark hat, uniform shirt, and uniform pants with a security emblem. He was able to fool the church staff, who handed the money over to the fake guard who left in an unknown vehicle.

The white male was said to be in his late twenties. The total take in cash was about $4,000, and the rest was said to be in checks.

The church has advised it’s membership to cancel any checks submitted for the offering this past weekend.

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