Do you want to convince you church leadership your church needs security? Do you know what to tell them or what you need to demonstrate a church safety or “eyes on” team are necessary? Jack Justice, co-founder of Church Security Alliance, has prepared a 45 minute presentation where he reviews recent church violence incidents. He presents timely facts, so church management makes an informed decision.

This DVD is perfect for anyone interested in starting a church security ministry, but is having difficulty convincing someone this is a good idea.

Here is a note from Jack:

Often we are asked why would a church feel the need to start a Safety or Security Ministry.
Safety and security at churches and other houses of worship have become increasingly important issues in recent years. There have been a number of examples of church security incidents and shootings in the last year (2008-2009) that underscore the importance of security while at a house of worship.

Do you have a duty to protect the church family and visitors?

Do you provide reasonable protection for those in the facility?

Do you do background check for staff and volunteers?

There is a tremendous amount of published incidents on church violence, sexual misconduct, robberies and other incidents, we can no longer say “it can’t happen here!”.

If you aren’t sure what to say or how to present the information, let Jack Justice do it for you!

Price $47

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