Save $108.00 When You Purchase The Deluxe Church Security Start Up Pack-Everything You Need to Get Your Team Going.

Church Security Start Up Pack II contains all the resources your church needs to begin a church security team beginning with researching the church security concept, adopting church security policies and procedures, getting a manual together, developing reporting procedures, and training your team in basic concepts of church security.

When you purchase the Church Security Start Up Pack II you will receive the Basics of Church Security book (reg. $65.99), the Basic Starter Kit CD-ROM (reg. $99.95- A Huge Time Saver-contains a sample security manual you may adopt as your own, as well as several reporting forms, management presentation, CCW information, CCW qualification course, accident reporting forms, suspicious incidents forms, etc), Verbal Communciations DVD($59.99), Force Options DVD($59.99), Force Liability Reduction DVD($59.99), and Weapons Strips and Retention DVD ($59.99).

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