Verbal skills can make or break you. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person can make a bad situation worse and can lead to violence, injury or a lawsuit. Dealing with a suspicious person, disgruntled spouse, or intoxicated person is the most likely scenario a church security team member may have to face.

Whether you have ushers performing security duties or a full safety team, understanding how people perceive you when they are upset is a critical skill. There are key phrases your people must know to avoid throwing fuel on the fire, and to gain voluntary compliance from unruly or upset people.

How can you lovingly confront inappropriate behavior and remain tactical at the same time? Proper verbal communication is the first step and can often diffuse a serious situation.

Showing compassion, avoiding verbal pitfalls, and exercising the correct communication phrases, anyone can de-escalate an emotional crisis and keep it from spilling over to the rest of the church community.

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