Anyone carrying a firearm concealed in the church security role should know how to retain his weapon and have the skill to quickly strip a weapon from anyone in close range.

Recent church incidents have demonstrated the need for church security personnel to have the basics in empty hand or weapons training.

In this video Glen Evans and Jack Justice demonstrate several techniques for quick weapons strips and immediate action techniques to hold on to your firearm if someone tries to disarm you.

You will discover:

How to perform a weapon strip from the front, side, and rear.

How to control the weapon with your body versus your wrist.

How to pull the weapon into center.

How to forcefully peel a gun away from an attempted strip.

How to attack during a weapon strip.

How to effortlessly retain your firearm while the bad guy does all the work.

How to keep the weapon inside your holster while defeating the subject’s ability to pull the gun out of the holster.

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