Increasing Security at Church – A Fox News Report and Video

ACKSONVILLE, Fla. – EBS Security CEO Printella Bankhead has worked in security for 22 years and says business is booming especially at churches.

“Its becoming a big concern in the city because our calls for churches have increased a lot. I’d say at least 40 percent in the last couple of years,” she said.

“There is constant need for more training, better trained security officers because now security is at a high demand.”

Bankhead is expecting to get even more requests for security guards this week after a man opened fire in a Tennessee church Sunday killing two people.

Wayman Ministries Pastor Mark Griffin says no matter how big a congregation is or how much money it has to hire security, the extra eyes are a must.

think its very tragic when people can’t come to a place of worship and feel as if they’re safe.”

Griffin says people, like the gunman arrested in Tenneseee, often prey on chruch goers.

“The criminal element knows that when people come to church, they normally feel safe and secure so a lot of time their guard is down.”

He says churches should have a plan and part of that is praying for peace.

“I think we just have to continue to have our faith that god is going to take care of us and do what we can to have our parishioners as safe as we possibly can.”

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