San Bernadino: Tactical Lessons For Church Security

There have been two major active mass killing incidents in the U.S. this past week. As always, I try to look at situations to determine tactical responses I can use should I ever become involved in defending myself or others around me.

While watching the recent mass shooting coverage, the San Bernadino police department allowed the media to talk to the first responding officer Lt. Mike Madden.  Upon being dispatched, he pulled into an area that allowed him to direct responding officers and assemble a team to make entry and hunt the terrorists.

What he described when he entered the building is instructive for those who perform security operations for their local church.  First, it gives us a look at how officers will be responding to our building upon notification and it allows us a peek at the absolute chaos that ensues during and after an incident like this.  Since many presently carry firearms as a first line of defense, this incident can teach us a few things about tactics and ending the situation before a mass number are harmed or killed. Read More »

Glen Evans

Church Security Alliance

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