Security, Safety and Medical ID Badge Kits

church security identification kitsChurch Security Alliance has created an inclusive id badge package that contains all you need to make your own badges.

The kit permits you to issue a simple ID Card with a clip on holder to you team members. The ID badges may be worn during church services, special events, or anytime you need to be easily identified.

We have provided 10 different templates for the front of the ID Card and an Information template for critical phone numbers and radio assignments on the back of the card.

This kit includes a CD with Word based template, blank ID cards, ID card holders and removable clips to permit easy placement on your shirt or belt.

Simply open your preferred template in Microsoft Word and add your church name or logo, enter the name of the officer and simply print the ID Badge.

Templates are included for Security Officer, Safety Officer, Medical Team and Emergency Medical Technician. The same Templates can also be used to create ID Cards for Greeters, Ushers, and others.

Kits are available to create 25, 50 or 100 ID Cards and includes a holder and removable clip for each badge. The Badge holders are self sealing to protect the ID Badge and prevent tampering.

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